5th Tableau Meetup @Johnson&Johnson

Friday, January 22, 2016 Anonymous

Hi Tableau users,

The first Belgian Tableau meetup of 2016 took place on 21th January at Johnson&Johnson. This meetup handled the hot topic on how to integrate R into Tableau. In case you missed it: we talked about sentiment analysis, clustering, geo-optimization, ...

As you can see on the picture, there were over 80 attendees. This was the biggest Tableau event in Belgium, and the Tableau meetup user group is still growing!

You can find the slideshow that was used during the hands-on session below. If you want the solution workbook of the hands-on session, you can just send an email to silke[at]datatonic[dot]com. After downloading it, please follow the steps in the slides below for setting up R Server.

A big thanks to Johnson&Johnson for hosting this event, and to all those attendees who have joined the meetup!

PS: If you are interested in joining future Tableau meetups, please follow @TableauBelgium or join the meetup group at: http://bit.ly/23jink4.