Datatonic hosting Tableau Event at the Google London

Thursday, December 18, 2014 Anonymous

On the 18th of December 2014, we had the honour of co-hosting a Tableau meet-up at the Google offices in London Victoria, alongside Google and the Tableau User Group, and we are delighted to say that by all accounts; it was absolutely brilliant. Right from the planning stage we had decided the event should be hands-on to justly demonstrate the power and ease of use of the Tableau-BigQuery combination when analysing millions of rows of data. Consequently we invited all of the participant’s to come armed with a Google account and a laptop.

The event kicked off with an insightful talk from Google concerning the history, power and technology that underpin BigQuery. We were up next to explain to all of the participants that we had loaded a dataset from the US department of Transportation detailing every US flight between 2002 – 2012 (roughly 80 million rows) into a BigQuery table and we had a few challenges and prizes for everyone:

+        How are the number of flights trending over time from 2002-2012?
+        Which years and months had the strongest decline vs same period year ago?
+        What are the top 15 airports and what is their growth rate in 2012?
+        Put the 15 airports on a map

+        What is the trend of delayed flights (as % of total)?
+        When your flight is delayed, which months have the longest delays?
+        In 2012, which airlines had the best % and average minute delay

Participants had roughly 90 minutes to investigate as many of a points above as possible using Tableau, all the while we would be on hand to answer any technical questions should they arise. Once time was up we invited various groups up to the front to walk us through their dashboards. Admittedly it did take some coaxing but we had four volunteers to present their work. It was great to see such a variety in analytical solutions to the questions we posed. The evening was rounded off with everyone being invited out for a drink and a catch-up in the local bar just around the corner.