Datatonic to host TUG event at Google Brussels

Thursday, November 20, 2014 Anonymous

Datatonic and Google hosted the Belgian Tableau User Group meeting on the 28th of October 2014 at the Google offices in Brussels. Datatonic was happy to bring some of its Tableau experts to help the participants with a hands-on Tableau session. The hands-on session was divided in three parts, each of which challenged the participants to deliver a different dashboard. Each part contained different Tableau skills and used different parts of the tool so the participants could get a taste of what Tableau can do (ie. formatting, geo-mapping, dashboard actions etc...). 

A screenshot of the three dashboards the participants were challenged to build is below.

Part I: Sales

In the first part of the Tableau hands-on session the participants built a dashboard from sales data (see screenshot below).

Part II: Trends

In the second part of the Tableau hands-on session the participants built a dashboard from website traffic data. In particular, here they focused on formatting of worksheets and dashboards (see screenshot below).

Part III: Big Data

In the last part of the meeting the participants connected directly to Google BigQuery and used a dataset of flight information with > 140M rows.

Of course, it wasn't all work and no play, Google kindly provided catering for the breaks and everyone had the opportunity to network and get to know each other.
All in all, participants enjoyed our hands-on approach and were happy to learn a few tricks from our Tableau experts. Success once again!